What’s a “Hafuboti?”

The number one question I get when talking about Hafuboti is “does that mean something?”  If I’m writing about it, then the first question is “how the blankety-blank do you pronounce that?”

What it means:

Sparkly visual representation for what Hafuboti stands for | hafuboti.com


Honestly, I don’t care how you say the name as long as you remember it.  Personally I say “Haf-uh-bow-tea.”  Sometimes I’ve been known to say “Halfa booty,” which makes me giggle.  “Half a bow tie” is also acceptable since bow ties are cool.



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    • Thank you so much! I was worried that it was a bit bizarre, but it made me smile so I had to trust that it’d have the same effect on others – thanks for confirming that (it means a lot to me)!

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