The Call of Kermthulhu

Back when I was trying to figure out how to do some large scale decorating with a small-scale budget, I came upon the quasi-insane idea of Pom-Pom Art. I still love the two large pieces and they proudly hang on the living room wall.

They’re crazy-easy to do:  get a canvas (or two), get some pom-poms, get some adhesive, and then put them all together.  I used a super-strong adhesive to do one and then hot glue for the other.  The reason I attached the the pom-poms in two different ways is because my apartment has poor ventilation.  Epoxy + Poor Ventilation = Bad Overwhelming Fumes.  So after I experienced one tube of strong adhesive, I switched to hot glue.  The hot glue webs weren’t that annoying compared to the aforementioned fumes.

When I finished the two large canvases I had extra pom-poms left over.  My brain then reminded me that I had an extra smaller canvas waiting to be used in a project.  And then I remembered that I have an old copy of the awesome The Muppets Big Book of Crafts on my bookshelf.  I thought that the book had the outline of Kermit that you can copy/enlarge.  It did, and so it was.

I traced an outline of my printed-out Kermit silhouette onto the canvas and then filled it in with green pom-poms and then used the other pom-pom colors to fill out the rest. I actually had to run to the craft store to get more pom-poms.  Between my two large canvases and my Kermie portrait, I loved to imagine the district manager of that retail craft chain scratching his/her head over the sudden boom in pom-pom sales.

And the result?  Not quite what I expected:

I was actually disappointed with it.  For some reason I felt that it didn’t truly reflect the outline of Kermit.  I had spent so much time on it, however, that I placed it on my entertainment center in a fit of stubbornness.  It was one evening while watching tv that my mind had one of those SHAZAM moments – I knew what was throwing me about the image:  all I could see was not Kermit.  It’s like one of those images where you look at it and you see an old crone, and if you look at it another way, then you see a young woman.  My brain was seeing two things at once. Thus Kermthulhu was born when I separated the two in my mind.

Lemme ‘splain with pictures!

I remember proudly showing Bruce my Kermthulhu on our first date (heh).  Bless his heart, he never told me until when I asked him to do some photoshop magic for this post, that he couldn’t clearly see Kermit in the image.  I asked him to add some real Kermit eyes onto my picture of the piece. He saw it immediately when he did so.  Here’s what Bruce did to help y’all see this:

Now, I can just hear you saying, “Well, that’s obvious – but Cthulhu? How do you turn one of the most beloved characters of all time into a terrible Elder God?”  Here’s the trick: it’s all about the eyes.  Let us flip and drop the eyes for you:

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Kermthulhu R'becca wgah'nagl fhtagn!

Tremble before Kermthulhu!!!

I have loved this piece from the moment it became Kermthulhu to me.  I loved it so much that, as I’ve mentioned in another post, I almost named my blog Kermthulhu.  And please know that I’d love for my accidental mashup become an intentional piece of art.  So, if anyone out there’s inspired to create a more epic Kermthulhu piece, then I’d love to see it – please share!

Coming Up Next Week:  The monster behind my bedroom door.