Hafuboti’s Hand

With the holidays upon us and my Etsy shop’s business picking up, well, I need to shorten these posts quite a bit.  Therefore, to keep what’s left of my sanity intact and to hopefully keep y’all amused, I thought it’d be fun for the next few weeks to show some vignettes we’ve put together around our apartment.

Both Bruce and I have accumulated plenty of tchotchkes throughout our lives, however neither one of us likes clutter.  Therefore, if we can mash-up random items into something fun and unusual, then we’re happy campers.

Without further ado the first vignette I wanted to share was what happens to “The Hafuboti Hand” when I’m not using it in my Etsy shop’s photo shoots.  The articulated wooden hand belongs to Bruce who generously donated it to Hafuboti – he didn’t even blink when I asked if I could have his hand and paint it black.  It no longer really articulates since I used acrylic paint on it and not spray paint, but generally I can serve as a hand model if Bruce needs it. The hand lives atop one of our bookcases as a hat stand – like so:

Rather cunning, don’t you think?

Next time:  Discover what the other non-Hafuboti hand is up to. Hint: it involves a secret agent platypus.