On the Other Hand

As we continue the Vignettepalooza we shall see where the second wooden articulated wooden hand lives.  When I digitized most of my music collection it left room on my wooden CD rack – a lot of room.  It was the perfect amount of space for a disembodied hand – woot!  I just added some of my favorite Shrinky Dink bracelets and then a Perry the Platypus “finger flinger” toy that Bruce had given me:

On a totally random note, Bruce and I have finally been watching Fringe from the beginning. We’ve almost finished season one, and something Fringe-like has started happening around our place: we both keep talking like John Noble.  We now both strongly feel there should be a national Talk Like John Noble Day.  Not his normal voice, but his creepy Dark Matters or Walter Bishop voice. Have you tried it?  It’s a blast.  It also confuses Hafukiti and he just looks at us askance as we proclaim that he’s “a very…good kitty who questions…everything” in the most noble of Noble voices.  It’s 100 times funner than talking like a pirate.  Give it a try!

Next Time:  Wibbly wobbly timey wimey groovy stuff.