Hail to the Time Lord, Baby!

I put the photo first thing on this post just to let it be the star – because it is.  This simple vignette that I put together has been one of my absolute favoritest things in our apartment. I should call it my BOOM Vignette. I had bought the TARDIS Cookie Jar over a year ago, and a little while later bought this action figure of Ash from Army of Darkness.  I had a totally different plan for Ash that involved Slave Leia, but that didn’t work out (that sounds 1000 times creepier than what it was).  I just remember having that awesome moment of realization that Ash’s size was almost perfect in scale to the TARDIS.

And I also thought how awesome it would be if Ash were actually a Time Lord.  I even felt that somewhere I had read about people petitioning the BBC to have Bruce Campbell play an American incarnation of The Doctor.  However, I couldn’t locate anything to validate this – so maybe I made that up in my mind.  But yeah, I could totally see Bruce Campbell (and his chin) giving Matt Smith (and his chin) a run for his money.  Heh.

Anywho, I loved this vignette enough that I took the time/energy to move it from where it lives (on the entertainment center on top of a speaker – with Ash peering around the TV), and set up my lightbox to give it special photo shoot.  And there you have it.

Next Time:  Find out what happened to Slave Leia. Hint: it involves Kermit the Frog. Huh. That sounds equally, if not even more, creepy.