Kermie the Hutt

I had to move Kermit and Leia from their normal spot on our bookcase since they’re in a dark corner and almost impossible to photograph.  So just imagine them next to a stack of books:

This duo came about because Leia was much larger than I had expected (me having no sense of scale and ordering her off the web): I had hoped to kind of recreate the Army of Darkness poster with Leia clinging to Bruce Campbell’s leg.  Not so much.  So when I was trying to figure out a spot for her on the bookcase I realized that I had a large Kermit the Frog bank that could sort of substitute for Jabba the Hutt.  And the little chain on Leia can be held by Kermie which is what ties them together (literally). It’s not to scale, but it makes me smile whenever it catches my eye – and that’s what counts!

Next Time:  When The Marvel Universe meets The Evil Dead Universe.

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