Time After Nerdy Time

One of the very first things that Bruce moved in to our apartment was the comic book shelves that his grandfather had custom made for him back when Bruce was young.  I had the crazy idea that they’d fit under our narrow breakfast counter that we don’t use – and they did!  We were both very impressed at how good they looked.  And then came the issue of what should go on top of them since we didn’t want clutter, and there was little room between the top of the shelves and the bottom of the counter.  I think that we came up with the same idea at the same time: my DC/Marvel Funko Pop! collection.  And lo and behold they were perfect.

It was after all this was set up looking pretty much like it was meant to be, that Bruce shared with me a picture of the same shelves from back in the day (1975) with his collection of Slurpee cups.  When I met Bruce his shelves were covered with a random assortment of items.  So it seemed like the shelves had, in an odd way, come full-circle.  They’re one of my favorite things in our apartment especially since it’s where Bruce and my collections converge.

Next Time:  A thunderous cuppa.

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