I Say Thee Tea!

Back when Bruce and I decided that we really needed a nightlight in our hallway we had fun looking for the right one.  Our initial choice – a Thor nightlight (it’s like he’s using his power over lightning to light our way at night!) – was perfect…until it broke less than a month after purchase.  The portion of the nightlight that’s a partial figure of Thor is heavy and was “secured” to the nightlight’s main body by a cheap plastic prong (the prong broke: surprise, surprise).  We attempted a repair, but to no avail.  So we were left with a one-pronged somewhat abstract quasi-sculpture of Thor.  I tried to find Thor a new place in our home and disliked most of the results – except for one.  I snapped off the prong’s second half, propped it up among a few of my vintage tea bag holders, and secured it with Museum Putty. Thor looks right at home in a corner of our kitchen:

On a somewhat random ranty note: both Bruce and I are torqued at the cartoon series Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. It’s a pretty well done series, but they call Thor “The Prince of Thunder.”  Um…no.  He’s “The God of Thunder” thankyouverymuch.  I can’t believe that Marvel bowed to the pearl-clutchers out there (assuming that’s what happened).  UGH.

Next Time:  That’s the ticket!