She’s Got a Ticket to (Not) Hide

I went on a organize-sort-pitch frenzy over a year ago when I came across a bunch of tickets and wristbands from concerts/festivals that I’d saved as mementos.  They were just thrown into an accordion file and I felt like I should do something with them rather than keep them hidden away.

A few weeks later I spotted a narrow white matte while wandering a craft store and I realized what I wanted to do with the tickets!  I bought the matte and when I got it home I painted it green and (acid-free) taped the tickets with a blue/green color-scheme in straight layers to the back of the matte:

I loved the clean look of the display so much that I grabbed three smaller frames that I had used to display a few Garbage Pail Kids cards (and that I had felt rather ambivalent about how those had looked framed) and I put some of the orange/red/yellow tickets and wristbands in them.  The bonus to this project is that there’s a ton of electrical outlets in the kitchen and since we only use one for our toaster and one for our kettle, well, I wanted to hide the extra outlets (but still allow them to be accessible).  Framed pictures to the rescue!  The only issue was that none of the inexpensive frames wanted to naturally hang straight: Museum Putty to the rescue!  I just put a small dot of putty at the base of each frame and they remain perfectly straight:

I don’t think that this is the most remarkable of ideas, but I’m very happy with how they look.  They’re also really fun conversation pieces.  I have some movie ticket stubs floating around and I’m starting to contemplate what to do with those.  If I get inspired, then I’ll be sure to share!

Next Time:  The Wreath of Rebecca.

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      • We will for sure! We’re trying to do something similar except through our website which doubles as both a scrapbook helping people relive the great times they’ve had, but also be able to find cool upcoming experiences for them. Feel free to check us out at since it looks like you’ve gone to a ton of events.

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