(Happy fun Hafuboti time, i.e. I got all meta with my title. Or something)

I’ve been a bit quiet in bloglandia as of late because of my life got a little bit crazier (but in a good way).  My day-job’s picked up pace and I had a whirlwind trip two weekends ago that I think I’m still recovering from (in a good way).

I also promised myself that when I started writing this blog that I would never desperately throw a post together for the sake of posting something.  Same with crafting – I promised myself that I wouldn’t force myself to craft for the sake of my blog.  I like to wait for inspiration and would in the long run be saddened if I just spewed forth crap all over this blog.  So, I promise to try and avoid pointless spewage.  You’re welcome.

Returning to the topic of my whirlwind mini-vacation (seriously, I’ve never taken such a crazy-brief-awesome trip): it took me to my dearest friend on the planet.  And while visiting her she showed me my very first attempt at making a kusudama ornament.  Naturally, her being my dear friend, she has it hanging up in her place.  When I created it I had barely a basic notion of what I was supposed to be doing and had messed up several now-obvious-to-me steps.  I had given it to her as a thank you for saving my ass when I hit a rough patch in life.  Now without further ado – my very fist kusudama:

It should be called “Godzilladama.”  I think I used double the amount of “flowers” required.  I’m also super-hyper-anal about how the center of my kusudama flowers look.  I internally cry if I fail at making a lovely-looking star in the negative space in my flowers (but there’s paper out there that hates to bend to my will and I’m learning to let go).  Look at the one flower facing us on Godzilladama – there isn’t even something resembling a star in the middle. The little dangly button was a sweet touch, but I’m glad that I stopped using the dangles – I don’t like the distraction from the pretty flowers.  All that said, my friend has Godzilladama proudly displayed cuz she’s awesome like that.

It was really surreal to see the very earliest beginnings of Hafuboti.  But then my friend had the next phase of Hafuboti hanging right next to Godzilladama: the next Christmas after giving her that initial ornament (when I was again short of cash) I made ornaments for friends and family, and my bestest friend got two New Orleans-themed ornaments as gifts – these ones here:

And yes, on the Mardi Gras ornament those are individual beads from a bead throw cut up and inserted in the middle of each flower.  I may make some more of those next year for fun and see if they sell on Etsy.  They really don’t fit into my “reusing books” but they’re just so bright and cheery and make me think of NOLA.

I don’t know that there’s truly a point to this particular post.  Perhaps it’s to show off a bit.  Maybe to give hope to anyone attempting a new craft where the end results don’t turn out like the picture you saw on the web.  It’s most likely a mixture of those two things and probably more.

Next Time: I’ll probably stop using the Next Time at the bottom of my posts since I’m really getting random. I had one post mostly finished when the spirit moved me to do this one instead.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE the kusudama ornaments I purchased from you, and so do all the people I gave them to as gifts! I also really enjoy your blog. It was fun to see how your ornaments have evolved – in a good way.

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