We’re Going on a Rainbow Hunt

April 3rd is National Find a Rainbow Day! Hafuboti has two rainbow scavenger hunt ideas along with free printables. Because rainbows should be free range! | http://wp.me/p2N1aX-89

April 3rd is National Find a Rainbow Day so it’s time for a simple scavenger hunt at the Children’s Library!

Several weeks ago we had a “Colorlicious Celebration” and we had a fun scavenger hunt where we hid colored dots around the library and the children were supposed to find a dot and then color the arc of the rainbow with the color that they found.  Well, that was the theory.  I underestimated the OCD-nature of many children and most made sure to follow the ROYGBV order – ignoring all other colored dots until they found the right colored dot for the proper order in the rainbow.  It ended up being a hoot watching kids aggressively ignoring the blue dot while seeking the orange one

Rainbow Dots  Rainbow Coloring Sheet

For National Find a Rainbow Day we’re hiding the fully-colored rainbows (as seen below) around the library (14 total) and will have each child either find as many rainbows as his/her age, or find as many as they possibly can.  The younger crowd likes the age tie-in, and the older crowd tends to be a bit more competitive.  We generally give out stickers as prizes which seem to go over pretty well.

Color Rainbow Printout

Please click on any of the images above (except the top one – that’s the jpeg I made for the library’s website so it’d be blurry if you try to enlarge it and print it off) to get a printable pdf for your own use and spread the rainbow fun!