Oooh! Shiny!

I’m veering back into personal-land here with a post that I’ve wanted to do since Hafuboti’s beginning: my shiny art!

If you recall my blinged-out Vader that Peaches shared with the world, well, when I was finished with that project I had quite a bit of leftover bling.  I couldn’t let those glittery jewels be stored away in some dark corner of the apartment!  I had an extra canvas laying around and I know that I had to have seen some sort of super-cool text art somewhere which must have been my inspiration.  I had the sparkle, the canvas, and a hot glue gun, and an idea – all I needed was something to spell-out in rhinestones.  It had to be short so that the wording would be visible and easy-to-read.  Enter my love of the show Firefly.


It is what it says it is.  Boom.

I eyeballed the lettering and wrote it out using a pencil and then it was a matter of patience.

This sucker is heavy – but it’s home is leaning up against a wall in my living room (so I don’t have to worry about drywall support for it).  There still is a lot of the hot glue webbing all over it, but I hadn’t tried to clean it too much since I had been planning to add more bling to it to make it even more dramatic (you can sort of tell that I was starting that process around the “S” and the lower portion of the “H”).  Once it was officially done, then I would go back and clean it up (but from a distance it looks perfectly fine).

The only reason that I’ve never posted it before is that I never could get a good picture of it.  The lighting in our apartment is atrocious, so anytime I attempted a picture, it looked more sad than sparkly.  But I realized last night that I had plenty of light at work – so I brought in my Shiny work this morning before work and finally was able to capture some good pictures.

I feel like this is pretty self-explanatory, but please let me know if you have any questions about this process!