One More Thing: A Swing!

There was one more cute addition to our large “book tree,” and all the credit for the concept/design/execution was all Mary: a stuffed animal swing!  No.  It is not a swing made of stuffed animals (which admittedly, would be pretty awesome), but a cute little swing made for stuffed animals to use.

Mary took a discarded book, cut down the hardcover, paint that partial cover to look like wood.  Then she drilled four holes and attached twine, and hung it securely on a wooden beam.  She finally added a cute sign that explained what the swing was for, but also to help keep taller kids and parents from hitting their head on the swing.

The swing went up last week, and so far we’ve had a handful of kids who have absolutely loved it and come in multiple times so that more of their toys would get a chance to swing.  Here are a few examples:

(Sorry that I had to cut out the cute kids that were standing next to or below the swing – respecting privacy and all. Well, privacy for the humans.  No privacy for the stuffed and cuddly.)

2 thoughts on “One More Thing: A Swing!

  1. Love this idea! This has to be repeated next year…know the younger kids will love it and look forward to its return.

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