A-Gent B!

Several weeks back I asked Bruce to order a 10″ Perry the Platypus doll for me that I could take to work (Bruce gets free shipping on a certain mega-webstore).  I love me some Phineas and Ferb, and I especially love me some Perry.  But it wasn’t just because of my love of the character that I asked him to get this particular stuffed animal.  I wanted to use it as a “talking stick” in my upcoming kids’ secret agent themed book club at work.  We’ll see how that goes.


If you don’t know who Perry is, then here’s a clip of an extended version of his theme song (but not the ultra-long extended version that’s out there):

All of this is leading to what happened after Perry arrived.  I happened to be at work when the package was delivered at home.  Bruce emailed me the news and said that he’d wait until I came home to open the box.  I responded with “you can either wait, or you can open the box and hide the Perry in the apartment for me to find. Sort of a ‘where’s Perry?’ thing.”

Challenge accepted.

Work was pretty hectic, and I completely forgot about my new Perry by the time I clocked out for the day.  When I arrived home and walked in the door, the opened shipping box was sitting on the kitchen counter and I immediately remembered what I had written Bruce.  I laughed, and suddenly from out of nowhere came the Agent P theme song.  Bruce had downloaded it to his computer and had it on repeat for my Perry hunt.  I about laughed to tears.

So, where was Perry?

I discovered him trying to hide à la E.T. in our closet where I keep my sentimental stuffed animals.  He had also borrowed a pair of Harry Potter glasses (that normally adorn the Sesame Street Honker) to further aid in the disguise.

Oh there you are, Perry!