Batgirl @ Your Library

I wanted to share the image that I created last night and posted to my social media sites, but also give credit as to where the idea came from.  Here she is:

I wanted to be sure to credit my main inspiration for this which was seeing this pinned to Pinterest. The other thing that made a light bulb go on above my head was seeing this Batgirl is a Librarian post on Tumblr (have I mentioned how much in love I am with Tumblr? Deeply deeply in love – I should have tumbled sooner).

After almost a year of futzing around on Photoshop, I feel like I’m finally starting to be able to take my ideas and translate them visually using Photoshop.  Yeah, I know it’s not perfect, and there’s still things I think could use tweaking, but at some point I just had to stop doing tweaks and let it go. Yeah, I’m a wee bit of a perfectionist who’s trying to be less so.  And seeing this image so large I can’t help but cringe at the things I feel are off.  BUT NO. I will not give into it.

The only other thing that I wanted to mention is that I believe in the free culture movement – so please know that this image is available for anyone to use/modify.  Please share alike! I had a lot of fun and Bruce taught me some new (to me) Photoshop techniques – so in the future I hope to make some other fun variations of the “public library logo.” I’ll be sure to share!

Update: I did indeed make some more logos (both DC and Marvel – plus a few bonus ones)! Check them out here.