Two More October Library Displays

I absolutely love being surrounded at work by such creative people.  I had to put together a post to show off two of my coworkers’ work from the past two days.

Here’s Kendall’s Teen Read Week interactive display:

Super-cute Teen Read Week book recommendation display featuring a Toy Story alien.

I played with the photo some (it was rather dim) so I adjusted to black and white and kept the alien in color. The sign to the right is actually bright yellow.  I stopped by the Main Library to grab this picture, and so far there were five recommendations left by the teens.

Over at Children’s we have this whiteboard that can be used for events if we want to, however, it’s rarely used for that purpose.  We have magnetic letters that we can use to spell out things, but they tend to get jumbled by curious kids (not necessarily a bad thing).  But for most of the year, I’ve had Mary draw fun things to advertise events and the like.

Yesterday an old display came down for our 50 Books in 50 Days challenge and I asked her to do something for All Hallows Read. This is what she did:

Using a whiteboard to decorate the library. Easy to change out for various events/times of the year.

It’s tough to see from my picture, but the poster has cool scalloped edges.  I absolutely love the ghost (I’m still trying to figure out his/her name).  It’s a really nice touch to the Children’s spooky decor for this month, and so far has inspired at least one child’s artwork.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I love working with such talented and creative people!