Hulk for the Holidays

Back when I had revealed a Hulk bank as my new Christmas tree topper, Bruce and our dear friend Tracie were discussing it.  Bruce said something like “Hulk needs to be wearing a crown of thorns or something.”  Both Tracie and I immediately responded with variations of “that’s Easter, not Christmas.”  And my mind did its little idea dance and I exclaimed “we need to dress up Hulk for different holidays! Like bunny ears for Easter – things like that.”  And there was a wonderful moment when Tracie Bruce, not missing a beat said, “Hulk for the Holidays!”  Edit: I could have sworn Tracie said it, but Bruce is adamant that it was him.  I’m a good girlfriend with questionable memory, so I’m gonna trust him on this one.  I’ll blame it on the fact that “Hulk for the Holidays” made me laugh so hard that it deleted the source from my memory.

And thus a new tradition was born in our household.

If you follow me on other social media, then you may have seen that I’ve been making teeny-tiny Mardi Gras beads.  Yep.  They were for Hulk.  Yep.  I took the time to make many of the necklaces with purple, gold (or yellow), and green beads.  No, they were not sorted out when I got them.  Yes, I have issues.

And since tomorrow is Twelfth Night (i.e. the kickoff to carnival season in New Orleans), I felt this was the perfect time to reveal our Mardi Gras Hulk.


Incredible hulk holding a Mardi Gras King Cake plastic baby. Also bedecked in miniature Mardi Gras beads. With other normal-sized Mardi Gras beads around his base.A slightly closer and more dramatic angle on my Incredible Hulk bank dressed up for Mardi Gras season.

Super-closeup of Hulk and his tiny Mardi Gras necklaces.  Many with the purple, gold, and green beads.I really love Mardi Gras Hulk.  There’s so many stories that you can make up about why he’s enraged. Is he furious at he’s found the baby in the King Cake yet again, and now has to treat everyone to the next cake (and how big would that cake have been if the baby is to scale)?  Is he enraged at the beads?  Is he upset that he’s topless and doesn’t have more throws?  Or is he just lettin’ the good times roll?

Ultimately, I like the last option.