New Year New Genres

Simple New Year's library display including free sign | hafuboti.comI was having a bit of a mental block when it came to putting up a display at our Main Library for the new year.  I really didn’t want to do the “New Year New You” that we seem to default to every year.  I was also concerned that I may not come up with anything since I felt pretty spent from everything going on at the Children’s Library.

It’s when I came across this post from Black Country Librarianand it was a lightning bolt moment.  Not only would this be a simple display, but it ties-in with our logo:

A green-filled logo that is a mash-up of our City's tree logo and our Children's Library's mascot.

I actually took several leafs from the logo, enlarged them in Photoshop and then inserted them into my Word document.  It’s tough to tell, but the sign holder is one of the newer and much larger sign holders we got for the Children’s Library.  The point of getting larger holders was to help the signs stand out from the larger-format picture books.

The display wasn’t as elaborate as my inspiration’s (I would have also loved to add writing to some larger leafs and have them dangling from the ceiling), but the genre’s are spread out sort of “root-like” (okay, so sort of in a line) along the table.  I also sprinkled extra leafs that I had added to the sign (which were cut out by my new cutting machine), all around the table/books.

A wood table filled with different genres of books to encourage patrons to try something new this year.

See that gap in the middle? It’s where I’d put several westerns a few days before I took this picture – so the display seems to be working a little bit. ::happy dance::

There you have it!  A refreshing display for the new year that encourages others to “refresh” their reading!

If you’d like to use my sign, then click on the image below for a pdf.  Please note that it is set in ledger size (which with a little bit of trimming) fits our large sign holders.

Click on the image to get your own ledger-sized Branch Out and Try a New Genre This Year sign.

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