Hooked on Homophonics

Brittany and I generally brainstorm ideas about our Great Wall-o-Puns.  It’s usually a pretty fun session, or I’ll say “think about what we should do next month” and walk away.  If we’re sharing ideas together, then it’s the one that puts a sparkle in her eyes that I know we’ll be doing.  Sometimes I’ll be at my desk, and I’ll hear her cackle-laugh in a way that I’ve never heard before (it’s a joyous sound): that’s when I know she’s struck gold.  I think that she laughed for a solid two minutes when she thought up These Books Rock (which, by the way, was one of our most popular pun displays we’ve had – and bear in mind that the Great Wall-o-Pun books are generally non-fiction).

When I shared this idea with her, her eyes definitely sparkled.  There may have been a small laugh – so I’m rather curious to see if my sparkle-laugh ratio to circulation theory holds true this month.

And here’s what she did with the idea:

I LOVE THE FONT SO HARD. And also her coloring job – yep, she again utterly rocked the crayons.  If you’re short on time, then colored paper would work as well.

The very first parent who came in to the library on the day Brittany put up the display actually went over to it and was browsing all of the books.  WIN!

"Red" any good books lately? We rock red non-fiction books on our Great Wall-o-Pun in February.

I also think that we’re finally in a groove in terms of using that wall space.  I’m really tickled with how dramatic we can be with it.  I think in the summer we’ll let the puns rest and use that entire long wall for something SRP-related.  But we shall see…