I was very delighted to get the newest edition of the Nebraska Library Association‘s quarterly journal in my inbox this morning because an article I wrote would be in it. Ego boost!

I was even more surprised when I clicked through and saw that they had used my “rainbow uke” picture as their “front page” image – and then that my article was the first one. Ego ‘splosion!

Click here to go to the Digital Commons where the journal will be your first option under 2014. Then you have to click on the journal one more time to get to the pdf.

In all seriousness, it was a true honor to be included in this publication, and the thought of getting more ukuleles into libraries across Nebraska is an exciting one. And the article mainly focuses on the genesis of everything. Since I wrote that piece (almost two months ago), so much more has happened. We’re working with a local non-profit to get ukuleles into our library’s collection so that patrons may check them out. I’ve also been in touch with a great library out in Georgia that regularly holds ukulele lessons for children. Overall, I have a feeling that I’m only on the tip of the iceberg when it comes to ukuleles at our library. I can hardly wait to see where this takes us (and I’ll be sure to share).

HUGE tip ‘o the hat to Tess Goldwasser (the same one mentioned in the article) for giving me the name of this post. Yes, since contacting her to let her know about what’s been happening as a result of her article, we have become good social media friends. Yay!