LOL @ the Library

LOL @ the Library: a fun display combining jokes, silly book covers, two passive worksheets, and joke books |

I don’t really have a lot to say about this particular display. I wanted bold and fun, and I think I achieved it. It was mainly an excuse to keep my silly picture book covers up for the entire month of April (and not just on the first).

A fun and funny display of children's joke books, card jokes, passive worksheets, and fun signs |

I’ve also wanted to do an interactive display using cards for awhile. However, I always thought it’d be something with interesting facts, but I think jokes perfectly fit the format. I especially hope to hear lots of children’s laughter.

Click HERE to get a pdf of our library jokes that you can print out and use.

The outside of the library joke cards that are part of the LOL @ the Library display | Hafuboti.comThe inside of the library joke cards that are part of the LOL @ the Library display |

Bright? Silly? Full of fun books (mainly from our non-fiction section)? Two passive program worksheets? Yep. I like it like that.

lol at library

8 thoughts on “LOL @ the Library

    • Thank you very much! I used a font my in-the-comics-industry boyfriend gave me called !Comicrazy – shoot me an email at and I can send you the file if you’d like since you’d be using it non-commercially.

      I used Microsoft Word and told it that I wanted ledger-sized paper (11X17) and went as large as I could with the font size – around 600 if I remember correctly. I also printed the lettering in red.

      Then I cut out each letter leaving a little bit of white space – it’s easier that way and helps it pop. then I taped (just looping some scotch tape) down to some yellow poster board. Then I cut the burst pattern out randomly around each word. Finally, I used sticky tack to adhere it to the wall.

      Does all that make sense? Please let me know if you have any other questions!

      • Thank you for your quick and detailed reply! Did you print each letter on A4 or A3? I really liked you mixed up book covers too! Cheers Michelle

      • Sure! I’m super-happy to help!

        I printed two letters per A3 with the orientation being landscape (if that makes sense). Otherwise, you could use one letter per A4 page with it being in portrait orientation.

        Thank you for all of your kind words – you’ve totally made my day!

  1. Thanks! I am in a junior school library too. You can visit our library website here: Keep your eye on it and you will soon see pics of an imaginative display of humorous books ;) Am going to “borrow” your idea of putting jokes around the library too!

    • You’re so very welcome! I’m super-excited to see what you end up doing! Let me know if you want a copy of the jokes that I used (I found most of them on a blog – I can’t remember which one that listed a bunch of book and library jokes).

  2. Hello – I was wondering if you had the LOL book jokes available in a pdf? Where can I find them?

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