Hulk Easter Bunny

Hulk for the Holidays returns for Easter!


Hulk Easter Bunny - Hulk for the Holidays |

Poor Hulk Easter Bunny. He keeps trying to dye the Easter eggs, but keeps smashing them due to their delicate nature. So frustrating.


Hulk Easter Bunny - Hulk for the Holidays |

On an odd personal side note: Easter and Hulk go very well together in my family. For quite some time it was a tradition to place a marshmallow Peep beside each family member’s plate for Easter supper. At some random point during the meal my father would suddenly smash one flat. The whole goal was to scare the bajeebus out of us. Usually he succeeded. Yes. My family is weird. I love them and wouldn’t have them any other way. Yes. I take after my father. Why do you ask?

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