Wow Mom!

So, the other morning I mentioned to one of my mentors in the library world that I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with trying to have Free Comic Book Day at our library for the first time this year. Her response (bless her) was “Don’t you just give out some free comics? How easy is that?!”

What happened in my mind (and shown in gif form in honor of Bryce Don’t Play):

But, yeah. That’s me this week.


While I’ve been scurrying around this week going OMG IT’S ALMOST MAY, I had the sudden realization that I had no display planned for the area above our reading bench.

This is a reenactment of the moment I realized this:

Me: Brittany!

Brittany: Yes?

Me: I have no idea what we should put on display over here for May!

Brittany: . . . [approx. 0.2 second pause]

Me: Wait. Mother’s Day. Is Mother’s Day in May? Did we miss Mother’s Day?

Brittany: Mother’s Day is coming up. May 11th.

Me: YAY!!! [exit stage right and quickly types and prints a sign]

So, I put together one of the fastest displays I have ever made. It’s not to the large scale that I like for this area, but dang was it FAST. And that was the goal.

Of all things, this was inspired by a P90X workout. Yes, I do those. Yes, I am insane. But I digress. At one point the trainer Tony Horton says “WOW! Everybody say ‘WOW!'” And his workout buddies do. He then queries “And what is ‘WOW’ upside-down?” His workout buddies all chorus “MOM!” It’s a bizarre moment that apparently has stuck with me.

I think that I’ve blathered on enough about the why and how of this display. Here she is in her minimal glory:

A very minimal and fast Mother's Day display | A very minimal and very fast Mother's Day display |

This display will come down in about 12 days and need to be something else – so I’m trying to not critique it. Also, it’s already been successful – I had only put five books up and a little girl came up and grabbed one to check out – huzzah!

If, for any reason you find yourself in need of a quick Mother’s Day sign, then click on the image below, download the pdf, and print away!

A free printable sign for Mother's Day - it gets the job done |

M’kay. I think that’s about it. Time to resume prepping for everything leading into SRP – first up: Free Comic Book Day!