For all my not-so-Dewey nerds out there: 796.16 is the Dewey # for play with robots. At least that’s what Google told me – so I’m going with it. I felt that this classification perfectly fit this post, which will be my place to put robotic printables for you to use in your library (or wherever). Please, please, please take and use them! I hate to think that I put effort into something that will only be used once and only by me (how boring).

I’ll be updating this post throughout the summer as I complete a new robo-themed sign for our front windows. After this year’s SRP, it’ll be unlikely that I’ll add much to this.

That said, any of the incredibly adorable robots that are part of my spot the difference games come from the wildly talented Jamey at Dabbles & BabblesI don’t know what I would have done without her sharing her robots with the world. Something not as cute would be my guess.

I’ve also included the robot faces and word bubbles that were in my previous post about our robot decor for our summer reading program. Just tryin’ to consolidate things for ya.

Now onto the sharing!

Click on any image below to get a clean printout of any of the images – most are made to fit ledger-sized paper (Mary’s robot and the word bubbles are the exceptions), but you should be able to adjust.

The following cute robot I made based off the lovely Mary’s Read robot. I created this cartoon version of her in order to make prize stickers for our scavenger hunts:

A robot request from a reader! She wanted a reading robot. I left his screen blank so that you can put any words you’d like on it:


Cute and/or silly general signs:   Spot the difference games: Other various robo-signs and whatnot:On a side note to any eagle eyed readers out there who noticed that the robot “chest panels” don’t add up to them being changed-out every-other week: On one of the robots, I’ve been putting different optical illusions in it. You can find fun ones online for you to use that will blow the kiddos minds. They’re easy enough to find, so I didn’t save them for here or for my own future use.