Guardians of the Literacy

Anybody else really excited about Guardians of the Galaxy coming out this week?

In honor of the occasion, Bruce and I collaborated on another library logo mashup! I’ll be the first to admit that I leaned heavier on the comics material as my source, but with a little movie mixed in as well. Bruce was my “could you look at this?” consultant and we talked through many-an-issue (usually color-related). I must give Bruce full credit for doing the entire logo (he saw me struggling and had mercy). He’s awesome like that.

Like the superhero and Sherlock logos before these – feel free to use these. Many people have written seeking permission to use those for avatars, library brochures, stickers, etc. Please know that I’m totally cool with all of that. I actually get a HUGE kick/ego boost when I see a stranger use one of my logos. And I LOVE getting random emails from people showing me what they did with them (hint hint).

Have fun!

As an added bonus to anyone who scrolled all the way down here – I’ll share what Bruce spent part of his day working on since it’s Guardians-related as well. And also adorable:



5 thoughts on “Guardians of the Literacy

  1. I love the superhero & Guardians of the Literacy ones! I’ll be using them in my classroom this school year. When I tried to click on each one of the Guardians ones individually they all opened up to just the Guardians of the Literacy words & not each character.

  2. You have the best designs! Loving these ones and the Batman/Superhero mashups, our library is going to use them for our Summer Reading program and our Guardians of the Galaxy screening, thanks so much :)

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