Hafuboti and the Terrible, Horrible, etc., Day

When writing a blog about decor/events/programs at the library it’s a blast to share all of the good things. And even when results are on the floppish side, usually I can share ideas of how to possibly adjust for better future success.

After I survived an insanely brutal day at work where a domino effect of bad things happened, I thought about sharing everything with y’all. But I decided that the post would be a bit of a bummer, and some of the sensitive situations are still being worked out. I hope to share them eventually, but now’s not the time.

BUT, I realized that if you were to look at my blog, then you might get the idea that almost everything that my team and I touch turns to gold. SOOOOoooo not true. I’m very pro going for new and exciting things (especially programming), and am very aware that there are a million factors that can lead to their success or lack thereof. We evaluate and move on.

I mainly wanted to have a post to let everyone know that even with the greatest diligence in planning and execution, bad days are going to happen. I think that how you respond to and learn from them is what matters the most. My response after the fourth thing went wrong was to scream and flail my arms like Kermit the Frog (the library was patron-free), and then laugh. After the ninth and tenth went wrong, I focused on the good things – the few good things that there were, and did what I could to smooth over some of those situations.

Also, if you ever find yourself in need of a “Pete the Cat is sick” photo that you might want to attach to an apology letter from Pete not making it on a misscheduled school visit date, well – today’s your lucky day! I just happened to recently make one:


4 thoughts on “Hafuboti and the Terrible, Horrible, etc., Day

  1. Thank you for this! I’very been struggling with this myself for awhile, the fact that not everything I want to do is going to turn out perfectly. The Internet is SO fabulous for sharing wonderful ideas and inspirations. But, since we are all less likely to post the things that don’t work, it’s easy to give the impression that everything is easy. By admitting we make mistakes, that things go wrong, that we’re not perfect, I think that gives hope (and realistic expectations) to everyone out there reading. It really is about how we make it work, despite of the issues that arise, kermit-flailing and all. :-)

    • You’re so very welcome! I wish that I could provide some really fantastic ways to deal with this sort of day – but I think that when I share the details of these events in the near future I’ll be able to share how I jumped the hurdles (and/or stumbled through them).

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