Over the past several days we have had several parents ask us where our Halloween books are. I think that we were all a little taken aback, but as our newest team member Julia said, “the stores have the Halloween stuff out, so it’s on parents’ and kids’ minds.” Plus, it definitely feels like autumn has arrived in Nebraska.

Julia went on to totally rock it and grab a handful of our Halloween and spooky books. She then put them on top of a bookcase spine-out with two featured books next to them on book stands. I felt like we should put up a sign, but we were short on both time and space.

Cut to yesterday morning when I logged onto the library’s Pinterest account and the first thing that I saw was this. Immediately I knew what I was going to do. And from start to finish, it took less than ten minutes.

The longest part of the process was deciding on a font, and even that was very fast. I ended up using this one. Then all it took was four pieces of paper per bookend (one being the printout of my Eek! Halloween Books sign), scissors, and tape:

Boom. Two signs that slipped over book ends:

I shall call them….::dramatic pause::…bookend cozies.

So simple, but so effective and fun! Maybe librarians have been doing bookend cozies for years, but it was totally news to me.

Are you in the same spot as we were with not expecting there to be a demand for a Halloween display this soon? Then let me help you out a bit. I created three different simple signs that you can download and use with whatever you’d like. Click on any of the images below to get a pdf:

Have a Happy Halloween (display)!

2 thoughts on “Halloweeeeee!!!

  1. Thank you very much for this! I’ll definitely be using your signs – they look great! I always find it difficult to find suitable fonts. We haven’t had any requests for Halloween books yet, but it won’t be long. I feel like we’ve only just finished the summer holiday activities and already we’ve had to think of Halloween craft events to put on the web site!

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