May the Posters Be With You

Star Wars Reads Day is just around the corner, and I’ve been figuring out what exactly what we’ll be doing to celebrate it this year. While doing so, I looked over my post about last year and discovered my plans to share the posters that I had made as a fundraiser for our Friends Group. Um, yeah, so almost a year later I haven’t done anything with them. Time to change that!

I revisited the original images and tweaked them a little to a newer version that I like better. I had originally wanted Vader’s book purple, but I LOVED the contrast of red/black. What’s a girl to do but make two different versions?! And yes, the Vader stencils and the posters have their books positioned differently.

I should also point out that on the posters, the text behind each stencil is the first few script pages from the original trilogy. Leia has A New Hope, R2D2 has The Empire Strikes Back, and Vader has Return of the Jedi. Oh, and I should point out that R2D2 is wearing a monocle (it’s subtle, but adorable).

Please feel free to click on any of the images below for larger versions that you may download and use for your own purposes. If, for any reason, you’d like the original set, then just email me and I’ll send you whatever file you’d like.

LeiaStencil   LeiaPoster2014

R2D2Stencil   R22014

VaderPurpleStencilRev  Vader2014purpleREV

VaderStencil  Vader2014

Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any issues with the printouts. I recommend setting the text posters to print on Ledger paper, but tell your machine not to fit picture to frame. Yes, it leaves quite a border, but I call that white space a “natural mat.”

Have fun, and may the force be with you!

May the Posters Be With You: celebrating Star Wars at the library with three (free!) stencil posters each featuring Princess Leia, R2-D2, or Darth Vader. |

27 thoughts on “May the Posters Be With You

  1. Not sure that my message went through, so I am resending. Your posters are AWESOME!! I am a librarian at an elementary school in Sacramento, CA, and I would like to display your Star Wars images. Could you please send it to me in a JPEG format for me to print from? If you happen to make another image like the other 3 then please let me know? I would love to display them in a group of four. I probably will just use the two different Vader images for balance. You are so clever.
    ~ Cheers

    • Hi, Jamie! I didn’t see another message from you – I’m glad that you re-reached out. If you’re wanting the three that are here, then you can just click on any of the images and download. Otherwise, email me at and I can send you the jpegs. I’ll definitely let you know if I do more in the future. :)

    • And Jamie – I don’t have access to your email (assuming that WordPress asks for one when you comment – they don’t share it with me). So that’s why I’d need you to email me at my gmail. Thanks!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing these! I was planning for this year and looking for something just like this that I could print and hang around the library.

  3. Hi! I’m an Italian blog and Facebook page about Star Wars Books and Comics and your arts are great:I’m amazed.
    My page grew well in this past month and I decided to make a hoodie with a print on it about my theme: I was trying to figuring something out on Photoshop but now that i’ve seen your arts i totally want them on the hoodie! Can I email you?

    Thank you very much, I’ll share pictures of the Hoodie if’ll go with it :)

  4. Your graphics continue to amaze me! Would you please send me the Star Wars graphics with the text in the background in a JPEG format?

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  6. These posters are fabulous! I added “May the Fourth be with you” to the front book cover on your awesome red Darth Vader poster, and it will post on Twitter at noon today. Many thanks for sharing!

  7. I know you’ve had these up for a while, but I somehow missed them. I am so excited to incorporate these into my October decor for Star Wars Reads. Thank you for always being so generous with your talents. I still have some of your hero art up on my shelf talkers.

  8. Thank you so much for the Star Wars reading posters. They are awesome and exactly what I needed for the Library bulletin board!

  9. Thank you so much for sharing. These are amazing! I am a librarian in a middle school and they will look amazing on my walls!

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