Spooky Name Game

Spooky Name Game: a simple name game that library patrons can play. It's an easy and fun passive program | Hafuboti.com

Inspired by how popular Meg’s kid-friendly Pirate Name List was at our library, I created a kid-friendly list for Halloween.  I plan on having a handout (with our library’s name on the bottom) for kids to take with them if they’d like.

Here’s the larger-scale display that’s on our dry erase board:

We’ve decided to have ghosts as the theme for October, and we’ve been busy putting together lots of supernatural fun for the kids. I really look forward to sharing all of the things that we’ve been up to, but it will take a few more days to get everything up and photographed. Until then, I wanted to share my Spooky Name Sheet with y’all to use if you’d like. Click on the image below for a pdf that you can download:

Update: Whenever I can, I now try and avoid doing holiday themes like this one. This is usually fine, but it becomes more difficult during the winter holidays since my Director and I share different views about holidays in public libraries, and she is passionate about Christmas. And that’s okay. I do what I can, and that’s all that you can do sometimes.

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  1. Oh wow, WHICH of my two Halloween-y programs should I use this in?!?! Great idea and thanks so much for the share!

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