The Mostest with the Ghostests

Last year we featured reading spiders during the month of October. This year?




Passive Program?


I actually couldn’t decide between the two ideas that I had – and so I did them both since the Ghostbusters one could tie into the Ghost Hunters one. Want your own numbered ghosts for a scavenger hunt? Click here to download a jpeg.

Here’s how I put out the Spooky Name Game sheets for kids to take with them:

Usually I put the informational blurb on top of the worksheets (behind the sheets themselves and attached to the book stand). This time, due to a miscalculation, I had to come up with something else – attaching the blurb in front/at the bottom:

It’s a bit cobbled together since I decided to use some extra cardstock scraps. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how well this has worked.

Putting together October at the Children’s Library has been crazy! I felt it wise to break up the posts here so that y’all don’t feel as overwhelmed as I did. Later this week I’ll share details of the reading ghosts that are hanging from the ceiling. I also need to show you our Book Graveyard. Mwahahaaa!!!

A huge shout out goes to Brittany for creating the super-large-scale ghosts and doing yet another incredible job on our Great Wall-O-Pun. 

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