Spooky Silly Books

A group of free punny spooky books for anyone to use | Hafuboti.com

The part of our ceiling ghosts display that I was most excited about was creating the book parodies that the ghosts would read. I do rather enjoy creating silly covers. I had so much fun creating these that I spent a few days spamming social media with most of them. A big thank you to any followers who continued to follow me despite my random nature.


One thing that I did before I realized that I couldn’t rig the floating books to be open wide, was use a white pencil to make fake writing/illustrations for the books. Now, if patrons look really hard, then they’ll catch something written inside. I’ll give you the grand view:

I thought y’all might enjoy having your very own spooky silly book covers of your very own! Click on any of the images below to get a clean version (i.e. doesn’t have my logo or fancy-shmancy border) – most of them are pretty darn small because the plan was to only print on half a page. Have fun!

Update: Whenever I can, I now try and avoid doing holiday themes like this one. This is usually fine, but it becomes more difficult during the winter holidays since my Director and I share different views about holidays in public libraries, and she is passionate about Christmas. And that’s okay. I do what I can, and that’s all that you can do sometimes.