Holy Mashups, Batman!

The other week I received a lovely surprise email from the remarkable Lindsey Tomsu. She was busy working on firming up details for next year’s Summer Reading Program, and wanted to see if I’d tackle “Surf’s Up” Batman, and maybe Robin as well. Her teens really love Batman ’66, and she thought that it would be a blast to add those images to some of their marketing materials.

Heck yes: this was such a fun idea. In fact, once I started, I couldn’t stop. So, enjoy the fruits of my obsession.

As always, feel free to use any or all of these images for your own or your library’s use! I have to say that I get the biggest thrill when I see any of my work used in any way. People who use any of them as their avatars usually get an insta-follow (not in a stalkery way) from me.

And also as always, feel free to reach out with a request. It’s a blast to get them, and I’m pretty upfront whether or not I can make it happen.

25 thoughts on “Holy Mashups, Batman!

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  2. Great work! I love the graphic images combined with capturing all the iconic and subtle details of each character.

    • When creating them, I kept copyright in mind – so no specific symbols. Since it’s mashing-up two different things into a whole new thing (arguably a derivative work), as well as not-for-profit in any way, then I believe that they are completely safe. I’m not an expert on copyright law, so if an expert does chime in and say otherwise, then I’ll pull the images.

  3. These are great! I was wondering if you had these with Wonder Woman and Supergirl? We kind of want to do iron on shirts for summer reading since we thing the CSLP shirts suck big time.

  4. Any Superman or Supergirl yet? I was so excited to find these! I’m a reading teacher at an Elementary school. We’re opening our school library 2 days a week this summer and joining in on the public library’s “Every Hero has a Story” theme. Fun side note- as I looked through them I saw the Husker football one, and thought, oh my gosh- this gal/guy must be in Nebraska, dug more and saw Gretna… Long story short, I grew up in Lincoln, graduated from UNL, taught in LPS for 5 years, lived in Gretna for 2 years, moved to Des Moines in 2004 & teach here now. :) Thanks so much for sharing your awesome creations! Anything to get kids excited about reading/checking out books!

    • No Superman or Supergirl ;( BUT, have you checked out the kid superhero images from my “My Heroes” post?

      I LOVE your backstory! My parents grew up in Lincoln, but moved around quite a bit after they married. I eventually made my way to Nebraska, and love where I’m at.

      This summer we’re actually partnering with our elementary schools’ library media specialists to help them win free books if kids complete a reading challenge from us – I’m wildly excited about it!

      Thank you so much for sharing all of this – it really has brightened my day :D

  5. Have you ever made Wonder Woman?! I feel like you must have. These are brilliant. Thank you for creating them and sharing!

    • Yes! I have a Wonder Woman!!! She’s in my first set under “Readers Assemble” – look on the right side (near the top) of my blog for the top posts and you should find her. I’ve also done Sherlock/Watson :)

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    Look at these BEAUTIFUL National Library Symbol/Batman mashups from Hafuboti! Just in time for some superhero summer reading programming! I. Love. Them!

  7. Thank you! These are wonderful. My niece has announced she is having a “super heroes girls” birthday party and I will use these designs for some inspiration for the cake decorating!

  8. These are so wonderful and will work great for summer reading “Unmask!” decor! Thanks for putting them out there for use!

    • So very glad that you found, like, and will use them! I’ve been blown away by people taking these and running with them. One creative teen actually made a bulletin board, and made the Avengers team in this style – SO AWESOME!

  9. These are awesome! We will be using them for our summer reading program. I’d like to make a request for the Avengers. Thanks!

    • Thanks, Sheena! I saw somewhere that a library had actually made a construction paper version of these as The Avengers – it looked amazing! I think it was on Storytime Underground’s page? Maybe? I’ll look for it in the near future.

      The Avengers have been on my mind, but between getting married last week and a move coming up in July – I haven’t devoted much time to artsy stuff. But if I get those made in the next week or so, then I’ll for sure let you know! :D

  10. Hi there,
    I would LOVE to make some earrings out of these superhero reader images to raise funds for my library. I know you mention you’re ok with free use, but I just want to double check that you’re alright with me making something to sell on a small scale :) (Also, I’d be happy to send you a pair as a thank you! You can email me the address to send them to at constantlyalice@gmail.com)


    • I’m totally geeking out at my desk right now! You have my utter and complete blessing!!! And you bet I’ll be hitting you up for a free pair! :D I’m so excited to even remotely be a part of this. Yay!

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