Under Construction

At the Children’s Library we’re about to undertake some massive shelving changes. Basically, we’re merging several sections. I’m incredibly grateful to work for a Director and a team who aren’t afraid to ask “Why do we do this? Is this the best way to do things?”

Anywho, I threw together several big signs to help patrons navigate the changes, and within that sign I created a book version of the Under Construction caution symbol. I thought that others might enjoy it and/or want to use it.

Click on the image below to get a larger and cleaner version for your own use:

2 thoughts on “Under Construction

  1. I could have used that sign last April! A Page and I had to move every single book in the children’s area to accommodate a merging of non-fiction. It was 1,000% worth it, too.

    • Chances are that you’ll get a chance to use it in the future ;) Projects like that can be SO daunting, but usually the effort is worth the results – so glad to hear yours was fantastic!

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