A Rockin’ Presidential Display

We did a love-type display on our Great Wall-o-Pun last year, so we wanted something different this time around. I generally try to not repeat what we’ve done decor or theme-wise (with several well-deserved exceptions).

Anywho, this was truly a group display in terms of the concept. Brittany, Julia, Jennifer, and I brainstormed off-and-on one day about this display. We decided upon President’s Day since we have plenty of non-fiction books that would work, and that would be nice to get out on display.

I can’t remember who to give credit for what, but I think that both Brittany and Julia came up with the core idea, and I love it!

So without further ado, our President’s Day display for 2015:

Brittany put everything together (those false 3D books are freaking sweet!), and I think that I’ve heard more comments about this Great Wall-o-Pun display than almost any other.

As I write this, the display has already been switched out for March’s, and I gotta say that I miss this one. BUT, March’s display helps me miss this display quite a bit less because of how adorable March’s is – I can hardly wait to share that! Soon!