In a Flash!

Back when I posted My Hero(es)the amazing Angie from Fat Girl, Reading tweeted something along the lines of “could you imagine if there was a kid in a wheelchair?” Yep, I could. It just took Bruce and I longer to work on than anticipated, but hopefully we have her done in time for most summer marketing.

I wanted a super-confident girl who, when someone makes a stupid comment about her loving The Flash will remind them that “you can’t run 74 miles per second either.”

I’ve gone ahead and added her to my original post, so if you’ve bookmarked that, then know you don’t need a whole new bookmark. And here’s the b&w version for coloring sheets, or anything else you can think of:

Remember to click on either above image to get a much bigger version.

And I must give yet another whole-hearted thank you to Angie for her suggestion. THANK YOU!!!!!


4 thoughts on “In a Flash!

  1. These are so awesome! Thanks so much for posting them! I work at the Ottawa Public Library in Ontario, and a colleague of mine pointed them out to me when I was searching around for giveaways to have at our booth at the upcoming local Comiccon. I will be doing a Superhero Storytime, and I just know the kids will love them. You rock! :-)

    • Thank you for sharing, Mandy! I get so excited when I hear of a library using any of my things :) And it takes a rock star to know a rock star ;)

  2. I love this! Would you consider throwing together some library icon mashups using comic book characters with disabilities? July is the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, and I was hoping to do a display that tied in with the SR theme. I’m thinking characters like Oracle, Daredevil, Professor X, Cyborg, etc. While I’ll try to see if I can’t make something, I really love the ones you put together and thought other people might be interested too.

    • I really like that idea, Annie! I’ll give it a go. Oracle and Professor X may be tough ones, but I do like a challenge. I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes!

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