The Paper Crown

This weekend I decided to take up the challenge of creating my first (of hopefully many) inspirational videos for Youth Service Librarians. A big THANK YOU to Bryce Kozla for inspiring me to put out these bizarre videos.

First up: The Teacher Inservice Day Speech!

I must tell you that this was much harder doing than conceiving. I think that I performed this speech at least 20 times. Some in between patrons using the library, but most after we closed. I think that I did pull off one really good performance, but it didn’t suit the rallying feel that I wanted to convey.

Also, I had a grandiose vision of the video ending with someone declaring that the children were at the door, followed by me opening the library and getting trampled (Black Friday Style) by hundreds of kids. Obviously that was not doable. Instead I thought, “strike some sort of dramatic pose.” Which is what you get to see, along with my tired self wanting to do another take.

As always, please let me know if you’d like me to tackle any sort of library-related issue or if you have a topic for an inspirational video – I might actually run with it. But be forewarned that I may actually run away with it.

One final note: I included the transcript of this speech in the Youtube‘s description for anyone who’s interested. You’ll need to click on the “show more” option.

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