LEGO MAY-nia 4: Resurgence

The prep for this year’s front window display began a full month prior, where we put out mysterious colorful squares containing two black lines. We instructed our youngest patrons to write their name on the top line, and then a book or book series’ name on the second line. We then kept the squares. That’s all that the public knew except that we were going to use them in the front windows in May.

What they didn’t know was that we’d add “can’t LEGO of” in between the lines, and then glue on circles to the other side to give it a false 3D look. THEN we built a picture using those 2D bricks.

Children's Library's front exterior windows in May 2016. Pretty landscape spring scene made out of flat paper LEGO bricks.

Closeup of a 2D LEGO paper flower in our front library windowsInterior library closeup of the 2D LEGO bricks' backs. Kids wrote their names and a favorite book or series, and we added "can't LEGO of."


The only thing we thought we’d do differently in the future is pay attention to on which side the peg’s shadow would fall. If you look closely, then you’ll spot some shadows in directions that don’t make sense. It was a subtle thing, but as Melissa said in a recent Mel’s Desk post, “Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good.”

We also took the books/series that our young patrons wrote on the flat bricks as a pull list for our reading bench display:

"Books You Can't LEGO of" library book display.

Both very random and very cool.

Our Children’s Librarian Jennifer held a special Family LEGO Fun Night, and after this successful event, she put several of the creations in our new plexi display cubes:

Three of our plexiglass displays filled with creations from our library's LEGO Family Fun Night.

We reused our LEGO mini-figs as our scavenger hunt.

Our library's LEGO MAY-nia scavenger hunt.

And, of course, we had another Mini LEGO Checkout Club. I made a video once it was complete.

This remains the most popular annual passive program. I can’t think of any program that we have where kids ask about it throughout the year.

And there you have it: the re-re-re-return of one of our most popular themes!

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  1. Do you mind sharing the source for your plexi cubes? We used to display kids’ creations after our monthly LEGOMANIA! program, but had to stop due to increasing numbers of LEGOs disappearing. :( Plexi boxes would solve that problem! <3 Thanks for all of the great ideas you post– there's always something inspiring to be found here! <3

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