Oh the Humanity!

Happy Human Light coloring sheet with the wording colored in with green, purple, blue, red, and yellow | hafuboti.com
Are you worried that your solstice program may be perceived as being about paganism? Or do you want to focus on the pagan aspects of the solstice and not get bogged down with science? Then the Humanists have the perfect holiday for you and your library: HumanLight! This December 23 celebration focuses on how awesome human beings can be.

There are so many ways that you can take your HumanLight storytime: biographies, heroic true stories, science discoveries, special people from that year or throughout history, community role models, etc. Have the kids share something awesome they did in the previous year and have them think of some awesome things to do in the following year. Accept nominations for a community’s Person of the Year as voted by its children. There are so many exciting ways to explore this holiday!

Of all of the holidays that I’ve been looking into to share here, this one is the most positive, uplifting, and inspiring. There’s nothing scary, judgmental, or negative about it. You don’t lie to or manipulate kids into “good” behavior. It gives you so much freedom to create a special event that everyone can enjoy.

Because of this flexibility, I won’t be listing books in this post – it would quickly get overwhelming. But I put together a few helpful things to give you a few more ideas as well as resources to include this empowering storytime at your library.


gif of a completed HumanLight mobile with biograpy picture books and Bill Nye science DVDs | hafuboti.com

Here are the images that I created for this twirling mobile (click on each image for the larger size):

The Humanists' HumanLight symbol simplified to pure blue human figures, and an orange and yellow sun | hafuboti.com

Happy HumanLight with the words reason, compassion, and hope in yellow, purple, red, and green colors | hafuboti.com

I printed off two copies each of the above images onto ledger paper. I then cut them out and sandwiched cutout pieces of a card stock page to make the pieces more rigid and less likely to rip. I glued each section together, punched holes, and then used string to tie everything together.

In case you’d like to add anything else to your marketing, know that I used this font for the words.


This Little Light of Mine
You Are My Sunshine
The More We Get Together


You can use the top image as a coloring sheet or have older children fill the sun and human figures with text about awesome things they’ve done. Or here’s the same coloring sheet without the text filled in with color:

A black and white Happy HumanLight coloring sheet for children featuring the Human Light symbol and Humanism's core values of reason, compassion, and hope | hafuboti.com

And there you have it: a good foundation for adding HumanLight to your library’s holiday celebrations.

Why I’ve written about this holiday.

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  1. I’m so disappointed I found this a whole year after it was written! Thank you so much for including HumanLight in this series!! My family celebrates the holiday, but we have yet to see it represented anywhere in public spaces. I appreciate you! ❤️😊

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