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One of the bestest-best things that has happened as a result of having this blog is that I get to connect with librarians from all over the world. It’s just flat-out awesome. And sometimes those connections lead to a collaboration like what just recently happened with Julie Syler and Ashley Jones from the Saline County Library in Benton, Arkansas. They were preparing for National Library Legislative Day, and wanted to use my images. One thing led to another and we ended up making some pretty sharp-looking images for the occasion. (coughHUMBLEBRAGcoughcough)

Because we all love to share, we decided to post our creations here for anyone/everyone to use!

Without further ado – click on, download, and use any or all of the following images:

Libraries Are For Everyone sign with a rose background |

Libraries Are For Everyone sign with an orange background - can be used for National Library Legislative Day or Build a Better World 2017 CSLP theme |

Libraries Are For Everyone sign with a yellow background - can be used for National Library Legislative Day or Build a Better World 2017 CSLP theme OR as a profile picture |

Libraries Are For Everyone sign with a green background - can be used for National Library Legislative Day or Build a Better World 2017 CSLP theme OR as a profile picture |

Libraries Are For Everyone sign with a blue background - can be used for National Library Legislative Day or Build a Better World 2017 CSLP theme OR as a profile picture |

Libraries Are For Everyone sign with a purple background - can be used for National Library Legislative Day or Build a Better World 2017 CSLP theme OR as a profile picture |

Libraries Are For Everyone sign with a yellow background with 10 diverse representations of library patrons - can be used for National Library Legislative Day or Build a Better World 2017 CSLP theme OR as a profile picture |

Get an updated version of the above sign (with global variety) by following this link.

There you have it: something that I would not have done if someone hadn’t reached out to me!  (hint-hint eyebrow wiggle)

I’d love to know if you or your library end up using any or all of these signs either in the comments here, or by emailing me at Otherwise, I just plan on making high-pitched EEP! noises if/when I come across one of these in the wild (like as a profile pic or some such thing).



A NOTE: My entire blog here is under a Creative Commons Attribute/Share Alike license – so know that I both want and encourage
everyone to download, share, modify, and use my work.

I also want to reiterate what I’ve stated in the past since I can’t make it an exception within the license: I do not want my name (given or business) on my minimalist art. It sort of ruins the clean lines and the message. Just don’t tell people that you’re the creator – I’m fine with you say that it’s by “an awesome Punk Rock Book Jockey blogger” if you can’t recall either of my names. Or write by Hafuboti on the back in pencil if you’re worried about it. Seriously.

I plan on putting this note on the bottom of all of my Libraries Are For Everyone posts so if you’ve read the above paragraph once, then you won’t need to again (unless you really want to).

283 thoughts on “Libraries Are For Everyone

  1. Yay! Love, love, love the message and your art. Thank you! We will be using these graphics in English, Spanish, Russian, and Japanese on Facebook and Twitter. Our library, Vernon Area Public in Lincolnshire, Illinois, serves a diverse population that includes many Hindi, Mandarin, and Korean speakers as well. Thanks again!

    • That’s so wonderful to know! If any of your patrons would like to see their languages represented, then please send their translations to me! I’m awaiting a Korean version, so know that that might be coming in the near future! :)

  2. Thank you for making these freely available! Dakota County Library in Minnesota – we posted it on Facebook and will be soon posting it on Twitter. Do you know if it will be translated into Somali?

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  4. I don’t work for the library anymore, but I shared with my librarian friends and on my book blog’s Facebook page (Read Like a Girl). Thank you so much!

    • That is so awesome! Thank you for including me in that fantastic group. I’m also thrilled that you’ll be using some of the signs! Thank you so much for letting me know. :)

    • If you scroll to the bottom of any of my posts, then you’ll see where I ask for no credit on the images. :)

      The CC license allows you to use any image on my blog and remix it (like adding your college’s logo to a poster), or use them for fundraising.

      Have fun and enjoy!

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  6. Sharing these wonderful images on fb here:
    Also on twitter with hashtag #librariansforrefugees and #online17 (ALIA Online Conference currently on in Sydney, Australia)
    Thank you so much for creating and sharing. Amazingly wonderful.

  7. Thank you so much for doing this. I shared this blog with my librarian friends. I hope they put your posters up. If your library is doing anything focusing on immigrant fiction, please email me. I’ll like to send you a (free) copy of my first book which is about the American immigrant experience (it was shortlisted for a couple of international prizes, so it’s not too crappy). You can either keep it for yourself, put it in the library as a donation, or just pass it on to someone who might like to read this kind of thing. Consider it my small contribution to your effort :)

      • PLEASE let us know when this is done! I was trying to figure out how to translate it yesterday – apparently google translate is super wrong for Amharic. All I got so far is ቤተ መፃህፍት የህዝብ but i think that just means public libraries :-( Thank you for all of these – I have made a display right when you walk into our library with a bunch of them. you are awesome!

      • I promise that I’ll let you know! I’ve reached out to a professor who I believe will be able to translate it. I have yet to hear back – so I may try another potential translator tomorrow.

        So glad that you’ve made a welcoming display with my signs!

      • Thank you! I am hoping for Amharic too – I couldn’t figure out how to translate the phrase and google was really off. All I got that I think is correct is ቤተ መፃህፍት የህዝብ but I think that just means public libraries. I put up a display with your artwork in the main lobby of our library. THANK YOU!

  8. Love these. Love your blog. I saw the poster on the Brock University website and I’m thrilled I found you. Keep up the beautiful work.

  9. I am a former school librarian, now retired, and I absolutely love these posters and would have been thrilled to use them in my libraries. Anyway, I still know lots of people in the profession, so I have publicised them in a post which will be published tomorrow evening at

    I will also keep on reading your site 😀

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  11. Hi, Could we use your image as our library’s facebook profile picture! I think this is a good message to spread, but want to give credit of course.

    • Yes you can! My entire blog is under a Creative Commons share-alike license, so you can use and/or modify then use anything on there with my okily-dokily. That includes fundraising ::wiggles eyebrows::

      Have fun, and thank you for spreading the library love!

  12. Thanks! Great visual impact! I’m using this on a library display and also as a profile pic on my Facebook page. Love it!

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  14. These are fantastic! Is there any possibility of making a Filipino version? We have a large Filipino community here in Virginia Beach. I’d appreciate it very much!

  15. These are wonderful! Would it be possible to get a version in Burmese? We have a fairly large Burmese refugee population and I’d love to post some in the library branches they frequent.

    • Hello! If you could provide me with the translation, then I’ll happily make the signs. I am also potentially working w/ Mango Languages to get more translations (I’m waiting on a second response).

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  19. we are making bookmarks for our elementary students and plan to print out a few posters in different languages. Thank you so much!

    • Would I actually use the word ARE in the translation? And what would be the best way to break up the words? Thank you for helping me on this!

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  24. I love, love, love these posters. Would you be able to create one in Tagalog? It would say: Ang mnga aklatan ay para sa lahat. Thanks you so much!

  25. My library has a large number of Somali and Samoan users; it would be great if we could get these posters in those languages, too!

    • Hi, Rebecca! If you’d be able to get me the translations (and how I can break up the words to be above and below the images), then I will happily makes signs in both of those languages. Send me an email at and I can give you an approximate timeframe :)

      • I just noticed that Somali was already on the list (my bad, there’s a TON of languages up there), but I’ll see if I can find someone to help us translate it. Thanks!

      • LOL! After doing over 50, I have trouble remembering what I’ve done too! I’m excited about getting a Samoan translation – thank you for the help.

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    • I would absolutely love it! If you would also ask her how to break the words up into two or three lines (or if it’s possible) then that would be extra-awesome. Thank you!!!

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  30. We are planning to use in our libraries in Atlanta, GA! Thank you for this fantastic message and image. The design is beautiful! thank you! Your friends at the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System!

    • ::HUGE HUGS:: I am so excited that y’all are going to use them!!!!!!

      Thank YOU for taking the time to let me know about this. I hope that your library teams and your community are inspired to keep making your libraries welcoming safe places ❤️

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