#LAFE B&W Bookmarks

The magnificent Megan in Illinois wrote me last week to share what her library’s done with my designs. And after I finished squeeeeing, I read the rest of her email. In it she asked if I would make my Libraries Are For Everyone bookmarks in black and white.

About a week later: Voila! An option for those of you who aren’t allowed to print lots of colorful things for whatever reason!

And like everything I publish on Hafuboti, please feel free to use these and modify them in any way. Also know that if you click on either of the sets you can get a pdf to download. Have fun!

Grayscale versions of the #LibrariesAreForEveryone bookmarks set one | hafuboti.com #LAFE

^^^ From top to bottom the languages are Spanish, Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Klingon, and French. The side bookmark is English.

Grayscale versions of the #LibrariesAreForEveryone bookmarks set two | hafuboti.com #LAFE

^^^From top to bottom the languages are Amharic, Filipino, Hebrew, Tamil, and Icelandic. The side bookmark is Norwegian.

LAFE bookmark blank B&W template

^^^That’s the blank template – it doesn’t look like it so I’m adding this text to help point it out.