Summer Hype Video 2017

I had the honor of making another video for the Washington County Cooperative Library System youth service team this summer.

A tiny bit of background on this project: the awesome Bryce from Bryce Don’t Play puts out an annual call to all library workers for fun/inspiring videos to help brighten the day of librarians who are pushed to the max during the summer months. Be sure to check out her compilation of the 2017 videos over on her blog. Watch and then think about doing one next year. Then do it.

Okay, on to my video – enjoy!

12 thoughts on “Summer Hype Video 2017

    • I am thrilled that you think so!

      I got bruises from this one (those little vinyl blocks hurt – and I had to do two takes). So your enjoyment makes every one of those bruises worth it!

  1. The eyebrow action at the end was particularly stunning. Oui, oui, the ennui….

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