Sexuality & Gender Identity Pride Library Logos

A month ago or so, a dear friend (Hi, Nick!) reached out to me to suggest making pride versions of the public library logo. And two days ago, when I was included in a Twitter thread about a design that I had not created, I decided to drop everything and get to work.

I was ultra-inspired and created over 150 designs based on pride flag designs. Fear not! I will not upload them all to my blog (and thus having my followers receive a ginormous email from me as a result). Instead, I have uploaded them to the Wikimedia Commons.

A huge shout-out must go to PrideNation.LGBT for their collection of flag designs. I would not have created these images as efficiently as I did without their shop. Follow the above link and check out their great items for sale (they have way more than just flags).

I would like to dedicate this work to the gay young man who had genuine questions for me back during my college years. It was that single open and thoughtful discussion that has had a beautiful rippling effect throughout my life. I may not remember your name, but you will never be forgotten.

Here are a few sample images for you to use or modify in any way that you’d like. And like everything on my blog, it’s under a Creative Commons license, with the bonus that I do not want to be credited on the artwork. Truly. Look through all of the designs here, and please don’t hesitate to let me know if I unintentionally did anything insensitive, or left anyone out. I’ll get it fixed ASAP!

Bisexual Pride Library Logo | Lesbian Pride Library Logo | Pride Support Fist Rainbow Library Logo | Librafluid Pride Library Logo | Polyamory Pride Library Logo |

I have also uploaded some of the hearts and other symbols that I used such as the following Abrosexual Pride Heart:

Abrosexual Pride Heart |

I had a request for a Facebook cover photo featuring Pride hearts and the #LAFE message. Here it is:

Here’s one for your Twitter account:

2 thoughts on “Sexuality & Gender Identity Pride Library Logos

  1. Thank you so much for your amazing designs and your willingness to share them. I used your superheroes for our May displays and everyone got a kick out of them. I am so pleased to find these as well. Your displays are so fun and you exemplify the best of our profession! Thank you again.

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