Rainbow LAFE

Hafuboti's Etsy shop for her digital artwork to help support her blog | Hafuboti.com

Recently I received a wave of requests for what I call the Rainbow version of my Libraries Are For Everyone design. This was something that I created to try and generate some revenue to help offset the cost of keeping my blog ad-free. Previously, you could only get the English rainbow version at my Society6 shop. But yesterday it occurred to me that I could use my dormant Etsy shop to sell the digital file. And why not have more languages available too?!

So that’s what I’ve done. I chose a handful of languages to get the rainbow treatment, and have the high-res digital files for sale at $5 each.

If you would like me to create and upload any other language, then don’t hesitate to ask here in the comments, email me at hafuboti@gmail.com, or through the Etsy convo system. For now I’m only posting a core dozen since it costs money to post products through Etsy and I’m trying to be as economical as possible.

And yes, if you download the image then you can use or modify it however you’d like.

Have a rainbow-filled day!!!

Rainbow Libraries Are For Everyone (LAFE) high-res jpegs are available for $5 each at Hafuboti's Etsy shop | Hafuboti.com

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