Get Your Mask On

One month ago, Angie Manfredi had brought RAYGUN to my attention in regards to good mask options. In her words:

I highly recommend a local Iowa business, Raygun. Like with all of their products, they are made with NO sweatshop labor and, in fact, Union labor.

Then, a few days ago, librarianmusings2017 commented on one of my posts that I should make COVID-19 versions of my LAFE images with patrons wearing masks.

Then yesterday, I reached out to RAYGUN and asked permission to create a librarian version of one of their amazing masks, and they said YES!!!! 

So for 24 hours I’ve been working on designing something that I hope means as much to you as it does to me. And as always on my site, you may download anything, modify/remix, and use it however you’d like. And like all of my minimalist work, I ask that you don’t credit me on the work itself.


A HUGE THANK YOU to my library-people: Angie and librarianmusings2017.

An enormous THANK YOU my RAYGUN-people: Sammy and Mike.

Without all of your help, this design would’ve never happened.

I hope that y’all support RAYGUN by purchasing one of their masks, or one of their shirts, or lots of their other things. So many things

I now have Spanish versions of this design available.

I also have a reward for anyone who happens to read all the way down here after the epic images:

Does your library or community have special colors that represent it? Shoot me an email with your logo or the color #’s, and I’ll send you a customized version for you to use. I’ve never quite offered my services like this before – I may be able to get it to you quick, or it may take some time. We shall see!

5 thoughts on “Get Your Mask On

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