Mi Máscara

Claudia Depkin from Haverstraw King’s Daughters Public Library contacted me with a request: might I create a Spanish version of my My Mask Protects My Community designs? Why yes, yes I might. And did.

In case you were wondering, I chose the mask colors based on South American countries’ flags.

And I’m grateful for my friends who debated the best translation for this – you know who you are. Hopefully in the end, I made a good call to balance what sounds right and what works right for a bold statement.

Also, I want to thank RAYGUN again, for allowing me to base these images on their original work.

Finally, my offer that I shared at the end of my original English post, is also good here. Reach out to me with your color requests, and I’ll do my best to perfectly customize the mask’s colors for your needs.

One thought on “Mi Máscara

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