Masks & More

It wasn’t until after my New Shop Items post went live that I realized that I had left one of my new designs out, and that I hadn’t activated any of my face masks. So I apologize for two marketing-type posts in a row, but I really wanted to highlight both of these things.

USE THIS LINK TO GET AN ADDITIONAL $10 OFF YOUR PURCHASE (and yes, that’s on top of the current sale prices):

I added the Epic Rainbow #LAFE with the #BLM heart to my Society6 shop:

AND face masks are now available!

If there’s any design of mine that you’d like on any of Society6’s products, and that isn’t activated in my shop – then let me know. Generally it’ll take me under a half hour depending on if I need to use special templates (like for the backpacks), to make them available.

Oh – and I am intentionally leaving the My Mask Protects My Community design off of my shop. FOR REASONS.

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