Libraries Are For Everyone: Punjabi

Punjabi is the 100th language into which Libraries Are For Everyone has been translated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I must give a HUGE thank you to everyone who made the effort to supply me with translations. I truly couldn’t have done this without you. I have a special post coming up to help commemorate this because you’re not here for a party; you’re here for signs.

This is another language provided to me by school librarian Jennifer out in Washington. She worked with a student’s mother named Pooja Katwal to bring me this translation. But there was a hiccup. The translation was in the form of a photo of handwritten Punjabi. This isn’t usually a problem for me as I’ve been successful a digitally transcribing a handful of other hand-written submissions. After an hour of trying to make it work with Punjabi, I knew that I needed to ask for help. This is where Harjit Singh from the Jakara Movement comes in.

I blindly emailed this community-building organization and explained LAFE and how I needed help. I was put in touch with Harjit (thank you Jaspreet!), and he was able to provide a typed-out version that I could copy/paste into a Gurmukhi font in Photoshop.


Thank you to Jennifer, Pooja, Jaspreet, and Harjit for making these signs possible!

A NOTE: My entire blog here is under a Creative Commons Attribute/Share Alike license – so know that I both want and encourage
everyone to download, share, modify, and use my work.

I also want to reiterate what I’ve stated in the past since I can’t make it an exception within the license: I do not want my name (given or business) on my minimalist art. It sort of ruins the clean lines and the message. Just don’t tell people that you’re the creator – I’m fine with you say that it’s by “an awesome Punk Rock Book Jockey blogger” if you can’t recall either of my names. Or write by Hafuboti on the back in pencil if you’re worried about it. Seriously.

I plan on putting this note on the bottom of all of my Libraries Are For Everyone posts so if you’ve read the above paragraph once, then you won’t need to again (unless you really want to).

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