Libraries Are For Everyone: Tajik

This translation comes from Stephanie Yancey, the Library Media Specialist at Myrtle Beach High School in South Carolina. In her email to me she said that “We were named the most diverse school in the state a few years ago, and I’m constantly struggling to find materials for my diverse group of students.  We have one of the largest Uzbek and Tajik communities on the east coast, and it’s super difficult to find youth materials for these students. ”

I’m so glad that with her help, we can have #LAFE signs for her students.

Thank you so much both Stephanie and the student who translated #LAFE for us!!!

A NOTE: My entire blog here is under a Creative Commons Attribute/Share Alike license – so know that I both want and encourage
everyone to download, share, modify, and use my work.

I also want to reiterate what I’ve stated in the past since I can’t make it an exception within the license: I do not want my name (given or business) on my minimalist art. It sort of ruins the clean lines and the message. Just don’t tell people that you’re the creator – I’m fine with you say that it’s by “an awesome Punk Rock Book Jockey blogger” if you can’t recall either of my names. Or write by Hafuboti on the back in pencil if you’re worried about it. Seriously.

I plan on putting this note on the bottom of all of my Libraries Are For Everyone posts so if you’ve read the above paragraph once, then you won’t need to again (unless you really want to).

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