Librarians Can Do It!

Last year I had the honor of being the keynote speaker for the Lake Superior Libraries Symposium – it’s a great conference that if you get a chance to attend, then please do! Not only did I keynote, but they asked if I would design a logo for their theme of Advance, Challenge, Transform. After a failed initial design, the conference committee suggested that I go back to what I do best. And I did!
And here’s the result:

Librarians Can Do It universal library logo design that riffs on the famous WWII poster |

I shared this image on my social media accounts, and there were requests for merchandise, so I went ahead and added this design to my Society6 shop.

Three examples of the Librarians Can Do It merchandise in Hafuboti's Society6 shop |

And as with anything that I post on my blog, it’s under a Creative Commons license. Beyond that, I also ask as an artist that you do not credit me on my minimalist designs (like this one). I feel that it takes away from the impact of the image, and that’s the most important thing to me.

Now go do all the things!!!

Shop Grand Reopening

I’m pleased to finally announce that I’m opening up my shop again! And for the first time it’s my artwork and not just ornaments! Going this route is a great way to keep a shop going while still trying to figure out how to manage my fibromyalgia while having a side business.

I have completely reworked my superhero mashups into higher resolutions so that they can be made into a wide variety of clothing, decor, and accessories.

I also created two new mashups in honor of the occasion:

It’s Spider-Gwen (aka Spider-Woman) and Squirrel Girl!

As of now these two are only available at Redbubble, but they will eventually be added to Society6. Each online store has a slightly different inventory, so it’s worth checking both out if you’re looking for a certain thing (such as dresses or clocks).

Oh – and I definitely should mention that I still want anyone who wants to download, use, and/or modify my images to do so! Seriously, you don’t need to ask (unless the print shop wants a waiver or a letter stating that I’m cool with you using my art – just shoot me a request at

So hop on over to my Shop section, and click on either ad to go to my profile on either site. And today (7/25/16) Redbubble’s having a 20% off sale! But know that both sites do have sales on a pretty regular basis – woohoo!

And finally an update on the original Hafuboti shop’s recycled book ornaments: I still have a nice selection of them! But getting them transferred from Etsy has been more of a chore than I’ve felt like dealing with over this past year or so. Therefore, I don’t have them listed anywhere online, but I do hope to eventually change that.

In the meantime, if you are an ornament fan, then please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask about any ornaments you may remember. is still the best way to contact me and I’m always thrilled to get mail from any of my readers. Seriously – it always brightens my day.

Happy shopping!


(Happy fun Hafuboti time, i.e. I got all meta with my title. Or something)

I’ve been a bit quiet in bloglandia as of late because of my life got a little bit crazier (but in a good way).  My day-job’s picked up pace and I had a whirlwind trip two weekends ago that I think I’m still recovering from (in a good way).

I also promised myself that when I started writing this blog that I would never desperately throw a post together for the sake of posting something.  Same with crafting – I promised myself that I wouldn’t force myself to craft for the sake of my blog.  I like to wait for inspiration and would in the long run be saddened if I just spewed forth crap all over this blog.  So, I promise to try and avoid pointless spewage.  You’re welcome.

Returning to the topic of my whirlwind mini-vacation (seriously, I’ve never taken such a crazy-brief-awesome trip): it took me to my dearest friend on the planet.  And while visiting her she showed me my very first attempt at making a kusudama ornament.  Naturally, her being my dear friend, she has it hanging up in her place.  When I created it I had barely a basic notion of what I was supposed to be doing and had messed up several now-obvious-to-me steps.  I had given it to her as a thank you for saving my ass when I hit a rough patch in life.  Now without further ado – my very fist kusudama:

It should be called “Godzilladama.”  I think I used double the amount of “flowers” required.  I’m also super-hyper-anal about how the center of my kusudama flowers look.  I internally cry if I fail at making a lovely-looking star in the negative space in my flowers (but there’s paper out there that hates to bend to my will and I’m learning to let go).  Look at the one flower facing us on Godzilladama – there isn’t even something resembling a star in the middle. The little dangly button was a sweet touch, but I’m glad that I stopped using the dangles – I don’t like the distraction from the pretty flowers.  All that said, my friend has Godzilladama proudly displayed cuz she’s awesome like that.

It was really surreal to see the very earliest beginnings of Hafuboti.  But then my friend had the next phase of Hafuboti hanging right next to Godzilladama: the next Christmas after giving her that initial ornament (when I was again short of cash) I made ornaments for friends and family, and my bestest friend got two New Orleans-themed ornaments as gifts – these ones here:

And yes, on the Mardi Gras ornament those are individual beads from a bead throw cut up and inserted in the middle of each flower.  I may make some more of those next year for fun and see if they sell on Etsy.  They really don’t fit into my “reusing books” but they’re just so bright and cheery and make me think of NOLA.

I don’t know that there’s truly a point to this particular post.  Perhaps it’s to show off a bit.  Maybe to give hope to anyone attempting a new craft where the end results don’t turn out like the picture you saw on the web.  It’s most likely a mixture of those two things and probably more.

Next Time: I’ll probably stop using the Next Time at the bottom of my posts since I’m really getting random. I had one post mostly finished when the spirit moved me to do this one instead.

What’s a “Hafuboti?”

The number one question I get when talking about Hafuboti is “does that mean something?”  If I’m writing about it, then the first question is “how the blankety-blank do you pronounce that?”

What it means:

Sparkly visual representation for what Hafuboti stands for |


Honestly, I don’t care how you say the name as long as you remember it.  Personally I say “Haf-uh-bow-tea.”  Sometimes I’ve been known to say “Halfa booty,” which makes me giggle.  “Half a bow tie” is also acceptable since bow ties are cool.



Really-Truly Welcome to Hafuboti!

For over a year I’ve been kicking around the idea of starting a blog. Back then the amazing Aunt Peaches ( put the idea in my head that I should give blogging a try.  For almost four years I’d also been contemplating giving an Esty shop a go.  Since I’m rather artsy-fartsy-crafty-wafty I felt overwhelmed at what I could or should sell.  Plus I was (and still am) scared of messing up the financial/business-side of things.  It took me having a health crisis earlier this year to realize that my creative-drive wasn’t being fulfilled at my day-job (working at a library).  This realization led me to moving past my fears of opening a very small web business, as well as giving it a go in the blogosphere.So, here I am –  ready or not!

I hope to keep this blog as more of a quasi-weekly informal space where I can share my own crazy craft projects (only occasionally delving into Hafuboti-shopland stuff), and any other amusing or thoughtful thing that may amuse or provoke thoughtfulness in my readers. After beholding my blog’s banner and possibly my shop, then you may wonder: “Crazy crafty? She doesn’t seem too crazy. Crafty, yes, but crazy? Not particularly.” Well, let me share with you some of my craft projects that Aunt Peaches was very generous in posting on her blog:

Did that change your mind?  I may revisit some of those projects to give you some insights on them (especially Kermthulhu, because I still love it and almost named my blog after it, but decided to go with the whole “branding” thing), but we’ll see how it goes.  My crafty moods also come and go.  I thought about posting links and sharing inspirational items from the web, but then I thought of how many other blogs I love and follow, and they rock at that – so why delve into their area of expertise?  So, I may just share what blogs I love if you’re interested (but chances are you already follow them, too – I’m thinking of sites like and  Otherwise you can follow me on twitter or facebook and I’ll post that sort of stuff there with an emphasis on library news and book art.That’s it for now.  My hope is to keep my entries short/sweet/fun.  We shall see if I can make it so.

Coming up next week:
Why “Hafuboti?!” What the heck does that even mean?! How do you even pronounce that?! Interrobangs y’all – I loves ’em.

p.s. Apparently I’m having difficulties getting my shop up and going at this late hour, so I shall give it ago again in the morning.  This day’s gonna be full-o-win!  Or something. ::trombone wah-wah::