Really-Truly Welcome to Hafuboti!

For over a year I’ve been kicking around the idea of starting a blog. Back then the amazing Aunt Peaches ( put the idea in my head that I should give blogging a try.  For almost four years I’d also been contemplating giving an Esty shop a go.  Since I’m rather artsy-fartsy-crafty-wafty I felt overwhelmed at what I could or should sell.  Plus I was (and still am) scared of messing up the financial/business-side of things.  It took me having a health crisis earlier this year to realize that my creative-drive wasn’t being fulfilled at my day-job (working at a library).  This realization led me to moving past my fears of opening a very small web business, as well as giving it a go in the blogosphere.So, here I am –  ready or not!

I hope to keep this blog as more of a quasi-weekly informal space where I can share my own crazy craft projects (only occasionally delving into Hafuboti-shopland stuff), and any other amusing or thoughtful thing that may amuse or provoke thoughtfulness in my readers. After beholding my blog’s banner and possibly my shop, then you may wonder: “Crazy crafty? She doesn’t seem too crazy. Crafty, yes, but crazy? Not particularly.” Well, let me share with you some of my craft projects that Aunt Peaches was very generous in posting on her blog:

Did that change your mind?  I may revisit some of those projects to give you some insights on them (especially Kermthulhu, because I still love it and almost named my blog after it, but decided to go with the whole “branding” thing), but we’ll see how it goes.  My crafty moods also come and go.  I thought about posting links and sharing inspirational items from the web, but then I thought of how many other blogs I love and follow, and they rock at that – so why delve into their area of expertise?  So, I may just share what blogs I love if you’re interested (but chances are you already follow them, too – I’m thinking of sites like and  Otherwise you can follow me on twitter or facebook and I’ll post that sort of stuff there with an emphasis on library news and book art.That’s it for now.  My hope is to keep my entries short/sweet/fun.  We shall see if I can make it so.

Coming up next week:
Why “Hafuboti?!” What the heck does that even mean?! How do you even pronounce that?! Interrobangs y’all – I loves ’em.

p.s. Apparently I’m having difficulties getting my shop up and going at this late hour, so I shall give it ago again in the morning.  This day’s gonna be full-o-win!  Or something. ::trombone wah-wah::

Welcome to Hafuboti

Hafuboti will be up and running by November 1, 2012.  I look forward to sharing my love of books, crafts, and creativity with everyone.  Until then, have a happy fun book time!